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Skin Care Lotions

Save $20 on your first service of $60 or more. 

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Hair Design

Cleanse | Condition | Style

Hair Cut- 4 week return | $60

New Client $75 | 60 min

Hair Cut $70  |  45 min

Hair Cut $90  |  60 min

Curly Cut $125 |  75 min 

Style & Blowout  |  $60

Style, Blowout & Hot tool  |  $95

Special Event Hair Styling | $115

Hot Tool Upgrade | $30

Sugar Wax
Makeup Collection


Makeup Lesson

Airbrush Makeup

Brow Wax  |  $25

Face- 2 locations | $40

Full Face  | $60

In Person Makeup Lesson  |  $200

Virtual Makeup Lesson  |  $150

Makeup Application  |  $115

Color Retouch| $150
Revitalize your natural hair at the scalp with a one-step color process, maintaining the same color/current color. Retouching the natural biological hair growing our of scalp.

Includes up to 60g of color.

Color Refresh| $165
Experience a two-step color treatment to rejuvenate your natural hair at the scalp and refresh the ends with gloss to rebalance your color. You may stay at your current color depth or darker, this services is not designed to make your hair lighter than your current color.

Includes up to 80g of color.

60 Min Color |$125
Color rebalance":

Achieve balance and shine for your existing color or highlights with this 60-minute session.

Includes 60g of color is included.

75 Min Color | $145

"Splash of Color"
Anything you want to do to FUN it up. EX- add brightness around the face, add depth and dimension to current color and style, add a pop of pink or purple to your blonde hair.. This service is not appropriate for someone looking for drastic change. 

Includes 60g of color.


90 Min Color | $180

"Mini Details/Highlight/Base"
Perfect your look with detailed highlights and base color in this 90-minute session.

Includes 70g of color is included.


105 Min Color | $200

"Enhanced Detail/Highlight/Base Color"
Transform your style with partial balayage highlights, lowlights, base color, and face frame highlights.

Includes 70g of color is included.


120 Min Color | $235

"Heavy Detail/Highlight/Base Color Enhancement"
Indulge in a full balayage experience with highlights, lowlights, and base color. Ideal for fine to medium hair density.

Includes 75g of color.


135 Min Color | $250

"Dream It, We Can Do It"
Bring your dream color to life with full balayage, highlights, lowlights, and base color, suitable for medium to thick hair density. 

Includes 75g of color.


150 Min Color | $270+

"Big Dreams Consult Required"
For those seeking a dramatic change that turns heads.  Multiple techniques used to achieve desired result. 

Includes 100g of color.

Color Charge |  $25 per 60g

Assessed and added to cost of service when allotted color has been used in the original quote/service booked.


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